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Sleep is the body's recovery time. It allows the body to repair heart and blood vessels, maintain a healthy balance of hormones including those that regulate growth and appetite, and bolster the immune system, which in turn reduces the risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. 

Health issues caused by a lack of sleep




Digestive disorders

Lack of energy

Muscle tension


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Product details

Packaging: 60 capsules, 30 servings
Ingredients: 100% natural ingredients (see packaging for details)

Objects of use

Designed by Nutralide in The Netherlands, manufactured in Belgium.

How to use

Take 2 capsules together with water just before going to bed and enjoy a good night of sleep. 

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How to use the product?

Take 2 capsules with water before going to sleep daily, after you have taking the capsules resume your activities as usual and enjoy a good night of sleep. 

Is this product as effective as artificial sleep supplements?

No, because we only use natural ingredients the effect won't be as extreme as traditional sleep medication. A benefit however is that our supplements our not harmful in any way and instead of medication have many health benefits. 

Is this product safe?

Yes, our products is 100% safe and takes into account all regulations.

Does this product cause fatigue?

No, our product can not be compared to traditional sleep medication as our product only has natural ingredients. This results in a natural intake of the different ingredients which only has positive side effects.

Can I take SleepWell every night?

Yes, our product is designed for daily use meaning it's actually recommended to use daily for the desired effect and is 100% safe.

Does SleepWell make me feel groggy the next day?

SleepWell has been specifically formulated to help you enjoy a restful sleep without causing residual grogginess the next morning. The blend of all-natural ingredients is designed to promote a deep, restful sleep cycle, which is key to waking up feeling refreshed and alert.

How does SleepWell help you sleep?

SleepWell helps promote better sleep through its all-natural blend of herbs, spices, and vitamins that have been carefully selected for their known sleep-inducing properties. Here's a breakdown of how it works:


Natural sedative properties: Some ingredients in SleepWell, such as chamomile and valerian root, have natural sedative effects that help to relax your body and mind. This relaxation is key to preparing your body for sleep.

Regulates sleep cycle: Certain ingredients like melatonin, a natural hormone, can help regulate your sleep-wake cycle, also known as your circadian rhythm. A balanced circadian rhythm can help you fall asleep when it's time for bed and wake up more naturally in the morning.

Reduces stress and anxiety: Ingredients like lavender and passionflower have been shown to reduce levels of stress and anxiety. Lower stress levels can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Promotes overall health: Vitamins like B6 and magnesium are crucial for your body's functions and have been linked to better sleep quality. Maintaining a good balance of these vitamins can contribute to a better sleep pattern.

Non-habit forming: Unlike some prescription and over-the-counter sleep aids, SleepWell's natural formulation is non-habit forming. You can use it to help improve your sleep without worrying about developing a dependency.


It's important to remember that while SleepWell is designed to help you get a better night's sleep, it is not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any diseases or serious sleep disorders. If you have chronic sleep problems, it's important to speak with a healthcare provider.

How many treatments are needed to get results?

For most people SleepWell works on the first night however we recommend it to be used for at least 2 weeks to make sure your body is used to the natural ingredients and vitamins in our supplement.

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